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What Is The GOATEESAVER         

Anyone who likes to wear a perfect goatee needs to try the GoateeSaver. The GoateeSaver is a shaving template designed for guys who wear goatees.  It will give you the confidence you need to go after whatever you want in life. You'll put your best self forward to get that date you're after or continue to impress the love of your life. Your job interviewer or boss will see a put-together man who knows how to make a strong impression, helping you get that new job or promotion.

How It Works

Just bite down on the mouthpiece and move your razor along the guide. It's that simple. We realize that the product looks funny, but the end result is a perfect looking goatee. After you've shaved with the GoateeSaver, you'll look nothing but suave, polished, and ready to take on the day. 

Makes Shaving Simple

The GoateeSaver makes shaving simple, even if you need to shave one-handed or have vision restrictions. It will save you time every morning since you can quickly and easily create the shape of your goatee. You won't need any accessories or power source with this product. You can easily adjust it to fit your face and to create different goatee sizes and styles, simply by twisting the rollers on the front. You can have a perfect goatee every day without any hassle. How good does that sound?!

The Perfect Shave

Your goatee will look tidy and perfect every time you shave. The GoateeSaver gives you a goatee template to keep your razor right on the edge of your goatee, giving you clean crisp lines.  You'll never again have one of those days where your razor goes off course or you can't tell if it's even. We know the last thing you want is to walk around with a crooked goatee or to have to shave the whole thing off. You won't have to be concerned about that ever happening again when you use the GoateeSaver.  Give it a try today.  It was invented by Scott Bonge, a guy who has had a goatee for over 20 years and understands the frustrations that others go through while trying to keep their goatee looking great.  Give the GoateeSaver a try today.  If it doesn't work for what you need, just sent it back and we'll refund 100% of the price of the GoateeSaver.  

Date Added: 03/16/2016 by Philip Bolton

This product is a great invention. It's very easy to keep your goatee looking straight and even. I highly recommend the goatee saver.

Date Added: 03/03/2016 by Thomas Chapman

Great product! I am very happy with it so far and can't believe how easy it is to use!!

Date Added: 12/07/2015 by Gus Kasimos

Does not work for me. Bad design. If you like to have straight line down off the edges of your mustache this product is not good for you. Very limited shapes. Also if you like having your goatee a little deeper and longer under your chin, this offers no help for shaving strait. DON'T WAIST YOUR MONEY. I WISH I TRIED IT BEFORE THE 14 DAYS WERE UP, I HAVE RETURNED IT.
GoateeSaver's Reply:
Hello Gus. I'm really sorry that the goatee shaving template didn't meet your needs. Please know that I just refunded the $19.99 that you paid for the product back to your credit card. Please destroy the product and dispose of it.

Thanks for giving it a try


Scott Bonge
Inventor | GoateeSaver

Date Added: 12/02/2015 by PRINCE MOHAMMED

I never think there was something fantastic to make our life easier and faster in terms of shaving for perfect goatee. GoateeSaver is the perfect and excellent choice ever made for perfect goatee, beside confortable and safe.

Date Added: 11/23/2015 by Paul Dubrey

I am pleased with the performance of this product.

Date Added: 11/19/2015 by Stefan Beck

amazing product, love it - I’ve just received my 2nd Goateesaver a few days ago (needed a backup at my holiday home) I’ve used the Goateesaver for a year now and I’m still thrilled! The first Goateesaver was sent to a US address, my 2nd one was sent to my Swiss address: within less than 10 days after ordering it was in my mailbox! I can 100% recommend the product and the costumer service! thumbs up!

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GoateeSaver Product Features

  • A shaving template designed to shape and form your goatee
  • Saved time by allowing precise shaving of your desired gooatee shape every day
  • Creates and maintains a perfectly shaped goatee
  • Eliminates crooked and those occasional shaving mishaps
  • The template is adjustable to fit most size faces and goatee styles