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The Early Beard" by Constance Traum

I'm not a morning person. One weekend, late morn and prior to my first cup of java, I awoke to find that my husband (the early bird who requires minimal sleep) had shaven off the lower portion of his goatee. With only his moustache, he looked very un-cool. Aghast, I calmly asked why he had done this. He replied that he had awakened prior to dawn, decided to shave, was not totally awake, and accidentally cut a wide diagonal swath of beard. So, he had to complete the job.

Luckily, on Monday, a co-worker had the perfect solution: contact www.goateesaver.com.
I promptly did and ordered this amazing product. The GoateeSaver is a lifesaver! My husband and I love it! Now, he can shave at anytime - day or night - and I can sleep peacefully! Thank you!
Date Added: 12/01/2008 by Constance Traum