GoateeSaver - The Goatee Shaving Template


Wow! The Goatee Saver is incredible!

I just tried out my goatee saver this morning, and was I ever impressed!

I was a bit skeptical at first, but when I began to see how easy this gadget was to use, my thoughts began to change.

I was a bit leery of holding the rubber plate in my mouth, but you get used to it real fast. I kept rinsing it off in warm water every time I took it out and put it back in, and that helped me to get used to it quickly. I tasted a bit of a rubbery taste at first, but that passed quickly.

Shaving was a snap around the guide, and I ended up with one of the most perfectly trimmed goatees I have "ever" had! I was so impressed, and couldn't believe how easy it was to use.

I was coming from a full beard into a goatee, and thought this is gonna be hard, but it was so incredibly easy, I couldn’t believe it.

I'll be carrying around the business cards that came with my goatee saver and passing them out to any guy who is interested. The world has to know about this great product.

Thanks Scott for creating such a great item, you gotta go down as one of the pioneers of 2008! This was really something that was badly needed, especially now, when every guy and his brother are sporting goatees!
Date Added: 01/07/2009 by Ray Baker