GoateeSaver - The Goatee Shaving Template


The reason I purchased this product is that I wanted to grow attractive facial hair. I'd previously just shaved my head bald, and shaved my face. But I grew tired of the shaving, and wanted a different look. So I decided to grow my hair, and grow some facial hair to match. I'm one of those people who obsesses about whether or not this side is even with that side and so on. That is part of the reason why I found it easier to just shave everything off. At first, I wanted to grow a beard. I liked the way it looked on people like Zakk Wylde. But once I discovered the GoateeSaver, I decided that this would be much easier and less hassle. I received the GoateeSaver, and trimmed my beard into a goatee. I was very impressed with how quick and easy the shaving was, and how clean the goatee looked once it was groomed. Now I have a well groomed, sharp and attractive goatee. I highly recommend this product to others wanting to take the frustration out of shaving.
Date Added: 12/08/2013 by Larry Palmquist